5 Reasons Fall Break Is A Death Trap For Every College Student

Fall break is perhaps the most dangerous time during the first semester of the school year.

Prior to going home or enjoying the break at school, everyone is fairly adapted to their schedules. We know when we need to get our work done by and we can generally time manage so that there is still time to hang out with our friends and enjoy the still-warm weather.

Once break comes around is when everything hits the fan, though. Suddenly, we have a long weekend and we feel invincible.

We begin to think that we do not need to do all of the things that were important to us before break:

1. Studying? What’s studying?


Midterms always coincide with fall break, which is a problem in itself. Whoever came up with the idea that college students should get a long weekend before their first significant exams was a twisted individual.

2. Sleep is for the weak.


Fall break completely messes up our sleep patterns. Before break, I was regularly waking up between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m. daily so that I would build up a tolerance. Then, break arrived and I slept most days until 11 a.m. Now, I’m a shell of the productive person that I was before break.

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Stop Taking ‘Moments Of Silence’ And Take Action

“Courage is confused with picking up arms and cowardness is confused with laying them down.” – Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Well wishes are expected following a horrific tragedy and that should not change. In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting that occurred late at night on Oct. 1, many people have taken to social media to express their devastation over the event. These people, as well as politicians, have said that we should have a moment of silence for those who lost their lives or their loved ones following the horrific act.

Silence is not giving victims the respect that they deserve, though.

Thoughts and prayers are not enough to make up for the fact that assault rifles can be easily purchased. Condolences are not enough to compensate for a man being able to have an arsenal of 42 guns, and people still saying that the event was “surprising.”

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10 Things College Professors Say Vs. What They Actually Mean

College students always talk about how friends and significant others are great at playing mind games and saying things that they do not really mean. That can all be true, but we generally take for granted how the same can be said for our professors.

Whether it is when they are going through the syllabus or discussing when papers will be returned, professors rarely say what they mean. It is up to us, the students, to read the subtext.

1. “Your papers will be graded this weekend.”


Reality: You will submit another five assignments before that first one is returned.

2. “It is an open notes, opens books exam.”


Reality: I am going to ask you about that obscure quote from the chapter that you skimmed.

3. “I do not allow students to use technology in my class.”


Reality: I am planning on lecturing the entire time and I know that your computers will be more interesting.

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NFL Protests Shows America’s Need to Unite

Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of democracy and is one of the many benefits of living in our free nation. Often, taking advantage of the rights that we are afforded, we misunderstand or misrepresent their true intention. President Donald Trump and the NFL are at odds regarding the former’s remarks toward players who protest racial inequality and police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem. During his Huntsville, Ala. event on Sept. 22, Trump urged NFL owners to remove players from the field if they take a knee, calling them “sons of b*****s,” and throwing gasoline on the debate over whether or not sports should be political.

As a staunch supporter of the First Amendment, I believe that the players are within their rights to protest, as long as the protests are not violent. At the same time, I recognize that the owners have the legal capability to fire players if the protests are in violation of their contracts and threaten the NFL’s ability to “sell their product.” If you consider any scenario — whether you are an employee at a company or a student at a university — the individual represents the organization. If said individual does something that the business or university believes will directly disadvantage profits, some degree of action will likely be taken, which would also be outlined in the contract.

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15 Thoughts Every College Senior Has During Their Second-To-Last Semester

Senior year is rough.

Besides worrying about course work, we are also responsible for balancing jobs, extracurricular activities and figuring out what we will be doing once we graduate in May. Senior year is when we gear up for the rest of our lives, but not without some thoughts running through our heads.

Here are 15 thoughts that every senior will experience over the next few months:

1. Did I really go through hell during registration for an entirely different type of hell?

2. Why did I decide to take six classes?

3. How am I supposed to ‘adult’ in less than a year?

4. If I leave on the lights now, I can compensate for when I resort to candlelight after graduation.

5. If I’m low on laundry, will anyone notice if I wear the same shirt?

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15 Cities You MUST Cross Off Your Bucket List By Your 20s

If you are planning on traveling around the world, there are plenty of cities that you should hope to cross off your list. While I was in Europe last spring, I got to see a handful of the ones that were on my list for quite some time.

The following 15 cities are ones that you should definitely consider for your next adventure:

1. London, England


I spent four months living in London during the spring semester of my junior year and despite never having lived in a city, it was an incredible experience. Just when you think you’ve experienced London, there’s a new corner to discover, and all you have to do is get on the nearest bus or underground platform!

2. Dublin, Ireland


Dublin is a beautiful city by day, and an even more spectacular city by night. Perhaps what is even more amazing is its vicinity to rural areas just outside of the city. So, when you visit, you should definitely spend the day admiring the countryside and then the night, wandering the streets that are lit up like grounded stars.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland


Any Harry Potter fan needs to go to Edinburgh, if for no reason other than visiting The Elephant House. The café is where J.K. Rowling penned the earliest chapters of the series, and if you go into the restroom, there are handwritten notes written over every available surface about the series. If you are still not sold, the city itself is beautiful, and it’s easy to navigate on foot.

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25 College Experiences, As Told By Sophia From ‘The Golden Girls’

College is the time in our lives when we have a lot of new experiences. Most of these experiences are with our close friends or roommates, and they create memories that will last a lifetime.

As one of four roommates, Sophia Petrillo from “The Golden Girls” knows how we all feel when we experience these moments in college.

1. When your friend catches you up on their weekend adventures.


“How long is this story? I’m 80; I have to plan.”

2. Cooking for the first time in your apartment.


“Everyone is fine no one died, the home burnt down.”

3. Getting your first internship, and then finding out that it’s non-paying.


“Congratulations. Now you can get any job involving a cardboard hat.”

4. When your friend models what she’s wearing out to the Townhouses.


“It’s too tight, it’s too short, it shows too much cleavage for a woman your age.”

5. That time your friends judged you for drinking too much.


“I wish I could give her one of my kidneys; let her get up all night.”

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