11 Ways To Be Chandler Bing In A World Of Ross Gellers

We have all encountered different types of people and have probably observed how they navigate through their many types of relationships. However, when it comes to romantic ones, there are some clear concepts that need to be considered by both parties involved.

Here are five easy ways to ensure that you are a Chandler Bing, kind and supportive, in a world of Ross Gellers, obsessive and condescending.

1. Know when you are wrong


Everyone makes mistakes some worse than others and it is important to acknowledge these mistakes rather than trying to convince the other person that they overreacted. When Chandler was reminded that he called Monica fat, he was emphatic in his apology, and reassured her that he knows that he should not have said that. Alternatively, Ross repeatedly insists that sleeping with a random girl less than 24 hours after he and Rachel were on a break is acceptable. Regardless of where you stand on the contested topic, we should all be in agreement that his timing was poor and his inability to realize that fact is worse.

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A Response To GQ’s 2013 One Direction Interview

You may be wondering aloud why I am resurrecting an interview that was conducted nearly four years ago. Normally, I would be right there with you questioning the relevance of anyone bringing up any topic that presumably had a short shelf life. However, since the photographer Platon is incapable of dropping the subject matter, and chose to let it resurface in a condescending Instagram post, I felt that it is only right to respond and let him know one simple reality: it is not all about you.

The September 2013 edition of British GQ featured the then five members of British-Irish boy band, One Direction, and attempted to offer an inside-look into their lives on the road, performing for hundreds of thousands of fans on their world tour. It was the start of their prime as a band and certainly, everyone was watching them as they started breaking records left and right. However, more recognition also meant more inquiry into their private lives to the point where it became highly intrusive, as seen in the interview.

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10 Lyrics From Summer 2017 Songs To Use As Instagram Captions

We all at one point or another were guilty of using song lyrics for our Instagram captions. Some of us (myself included) are still guilty of using lyrics for captions (my latest was a Springsteen song, though, so can you blame me?).

Here are 10 lyrics from Summer 2017 songs to use as Instagram captions.

1. “Passionfruit” by Drake

Passive with the things you say/Passin up on my old ways.

2. “Meet Me In The Hallway” by Harry Styles

I walked the streets all day/Running with the thieves.

3. “Slide” by Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean, Migos

Put some spotlight on the slide/Whatever comes, comes through clear.

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18 Inspirational Ed Sheeran Lyrics

It’s safe to say that Ed Sheeran’s third studio album, “÷” is an absolute masterpiece and all who have listened to it have fallen in love both with the steady ballads and upbeat tempos. Personally, I have a special place in my heart for his traditional ballads, ranging from the iconic “Thinking Out Loud” off of his second album, to his more recent, “Perfect.” Of course, there are some other songs mixed in between that I have grown fond of over the last several months that I have listened to them.

Here are 18 inspirational Ed Sheeran lyrics that we should all keep in mind:

1. Showed me the locked doors I find another use of key/And you’ll see/I’m well aware of certain things that will destroy a man like me. – “Eraser (Extended F64 Version)”

2. One friend left to sell clothes/One works down by the coast/One had two kids but lives alone/One’s brother overdosed/One’s already on his second wife/One’s just barely getting by/But these people raised me/And I can’t wait to go home. – “Castle On The Hill”

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15 Things I Learned While Studying Abroad In London

When you live in a limited amount of places for most of your life, you take for granted a lot of the things that you learned growing up. Therefore, when you go to a new place, there is sometimes an adjustment period when you have to adapt to the differences. Better known as culture shock, it can vary in degree for different people. I do not think that I experienced a significant shock when I arrived in London for my semester abroad, but there were definitely differences that I was unaware of before traveling overseas.

Here are 15 of those differences that I came to realize during my four and a half months in London.

1. Multiple shower dials
If only newly arrived me knew that when the shower was scalding, it was because I didn’t realize that the lower nozzle was turned to the hottest, most unbearable level.

2. Pedestrians dont have the right-of-way
No, I’m not kidding. Best of luck out there in the real world.

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12 Things You Only Hear On Fairfield U’s Campus

Fairfield students may be away from campus for several months, but it would take much longer than that to forget the iconic things that you hear daily across campus. Whether it is about the food being offered in Barone that day or the struggle to get to class, Stags utter the following 12 phrases at least once during their four years attending Fairfield:

1. The turkeys blocked the walkway to Canisius today.

2. Hold this cup; it’ll look suspicious if I’m taking more than one out of Barone.

3. Sorry I’m late, the line at Einstein’s stretched to the Mezz.

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10 Things Every Parent Thinks About Their College Student During Summer

When college students return home for the summer, it is safe to say that all hell breaks loose. All of a sudden there is another mouth to feed, there are extra loads of laundry being done and there is a creature that resembles a zombie wandering the halls at odd hours.

Here are 10 things that every parent thinks about when their college student returns home for the summer:

1. How is the milk finished already?
Sorry, Dad.

2. I swear they didnt have that many clothes 10 months ago.
You’re right and I’m not sure where I went wrong.

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