When we reflect back on past memories and the things that we said or did, it’s hard to not cringe from the hindsight embarrassment of our actions. If you’re like me, the feeling intensifies when you stumble across your old diaries and you read back what you once thought were your most “profound” thoughts.

Here are 11 tragic excerpts from my childhood diary, so that you can suffer along with me.

1. January 4, 2008: “ONIF!! (Oh no, it’s Friday!) Today is the last day of vacation besides the weekend.”

2. January 4, 2008: “I hate the Jonas Bros! They are so dumb and I hate Kevin’s hair! It is so curly and he has ugly sideburns! Nick’s hair looks good on him at least, but why do Miley and him like each other?! They are both so dumb!”

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