There are many different types of colleges that you can attend: big ones, small ones, state ones or private ones. You will meet different people wherever you go, as well. Some people will have grown up in the suburbs and others are city dwellers, while others still will make the decision to commute and their friends may opt to live on campus. Regardless of where you end up and how you choose to spend the next several years of your life, one thing will be consistent: everyone will tell you that college will be “the best four years of your life.”

Now, I do not want people to misunderstand me; I have absolutely nothing against college, higher education or Fairfield. Fairfield was my top choice three years ago (is it really three years, already?) and I stand by my decision. The University opened up a lot of great opportunities for me and allowed me to tap into my potential as a thinker and writer. So, you should not walk away after reading the next several paragraphs thinking that I dislike college or Fairfield; quite the opposite. However, I do find the mentality that one’s life begins and ends at college to be simplistic and disconcerting.

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