Over the years, we have all had teachers; good and bad ones. Some are more memorable than others for all the best reasons; they inspire us to do better, while there are others that we wish we could forget. Nonetheless, there is another category of teachers: the ones that we see in pop culture that we wish existed in real life.

Here are 11 teachers that I would enjoy having in a classroom for any number of reasons.

1. Mr. Keating (Robin Williams) – “Dead Poets Society”
It is not everyday that your teacher rips pages out of the book and gets the class to stand on his desk. Sometimes, especially when you are young, teachers will talk down to you, and it is refreshing to see an on-screen educator who recognizes the value of young minds.

2. Professor Ben Bruckner (Robert Gant) – “Queer As Folk”
Professor Bruckner knows how to engage a classroom and it is impossible to deny that he is easy on the eyes. He also sees the best in people and encourages them to seek their passions. My favorite quote of his, when he convinces his future husband Michael to be a guest-lecturer despite Michael’s reservations, is: “No, [Michael talking about comics is] definitely more than knowing. When you talk about it, you have a passion.”

3. Professor Remus Lupin (David Thewlis) – “Harry Potter”
Professor Lupin knows the importance of confronting one’s fears sooner rather than later, and he does all that he can to ensure that his students get hands-on experience that later prepares them for when Lord Voldemort rises again.

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