Once upon a time, my parents described me as a mini space heater. When I was an infant especially, I radiated heat. So much so that taking a nap with me came with the additional perk of staying nice and toasty (I was a winter baby, so those first few months were probably great). Now, I can hardly go anywhere without the risk of being cold, even if it is during the summer.

Here are 13 signs that you are the girl who is always cold, even in the summer:

1. You wear long sleeves to work
636342938092915077353812303_635891989470643081-979012516_ron swanson bundled
If you’re like me, you can’t risk your boss wanting the AC on the hot days.

2. You bring a sweatshirt to restaurants
Your friends and family will know you well enough to remind you to bring it as well if you walk out of the house empty-handed.

3. Your weather app is your best friend
It’s one of the first things that you check in the morning and you plan accordingly based on where you are going.

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