Most daughters know what it is like to be embarrassed by their father growing up, and most of us learn to see it for what it is: his duty as a father. Even though my father has made it his life mission to try to embarrass me, he doesn’t compare to Ivanka Trump’s father.

Ivanka, we can only begin to feel your pain.

1. Dad wears a T-shirt with my baby face on it every Father’s Day morning. Ivanka’s father proclaimed on national TV that he would date her if they weren’t related.

2. Dad loves to torture me by raising his hands in the air and visibly bounce along to music when were in the car. Ivanka’s father openly mocked a reporter with a disability on live television.

3. Dad enjoys that my friends jokingly created the Mr. Puzzo Fan Club. Ivanka’s father risked diplomatic relations with China after speaking to Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen on the telephone so that he could be congratulated on winning the election.
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