If you have ever experienced an interview, filled out a questionnaire or in general held a conversation with someone, you were probably asked the following question: who do you consider to be your hero? We tend to go for the historical figures that we learned about in the classroom or in our own studies, or we simply reply with a noncommittal shrug because let’s be real — it’s a loaded question. At least, we tell ourselves that it’s too complex to answer on-the-spot, but if you’re as lucky as I am, then you will reach a point in your life when the answer is obvious. At 21-years-old, it is clearer to me now than ever before that my parents are my heroes, and I don’t think that it should be any other way.

It’s true — not everyone is fortunate enough to have loving, supportive parents. I’m sorry if that is the case as well, and I do not mean to sound condescending for saying so. I truly hope that most, if not all, people can say that one, if not both, of their parents is their hero. To have daily role models that expect the best from me, but also put forth their best, is something that everyone should experience. As role models, they should not only expect a certain standard, but also mirror that same standard, and I see that every day that I watch my parents navigate their personal and professional lives.

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