You may be wondering aloud why I am resurrecting an interview that was conducted nearly four years ago. Normally, I would be right there with you questioning the relevance of anyone bringing up any topic that presumably had a short shelf life. However, since the photographer Platon is incapable of dropping the subject matter, and chose to let it resurface in a condescending Instagram post, I felt that it is only right to respond and let him know one simple reality: it is not all about you.

The September 2013 edition of British GQ featured the then five members of British-Irish boy band, One Direction, and attempted to offer an inside-look into their lives on the road, performing for hundreds of thousands of fans on their world tour. It was the start of their prime as a band and certainly, everyone was watching them as they started breaking records left and right. However, more recognition also meant more inquiry into their private lives to the point where it became highly intrusive, as seen in the interview.

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