We have all encountered different types of people and have probably observed how they navigate through their many types of relationships. However, when it comes to romantic ones, there are some clear concepts that need to be considered by both parties involved.

Here are five easy ways to ensure that you are a Chandler Bing, kind and supportive, in a world of Ross Gellers, obsessive and condescending.

1. Know when you are wrong


Everyone makes mistakes some worse than others and it is important to acknowledge these mistakes rather than trying to convince the other person that they overreacted. When Chandler was reminded that he called Monica fat, he was emphatic in his apology, and reassured her that he knows that he should not have said that. Alternatively, Ross repeatedly insists that sleeping with a random girl less than 24 hours after he and Rachel were on a break is acceptable. Regardless of where you stand on the contested topic, we should all be in agreement that his timing was poor and his inability to realize that fact is worse.

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