When you live in a limited amount of places for most of your life, you take for granted a lot of the things that you learned growing up. Therefore, when you go to a new place, there is sometimes an adjustment period when you have to adapt to the differences. Better known as culture shock, it can vary in degree for different people. I do not think that I experienced a significant shock when I arrived in London for my semester abroad, but there were definitely differences that I was unaware of before traveling overseas.

Here are 15 of those differences that I came to realize during my four and a half months in London.

1. Multiple shower dials
If only newly arrived me knew that when the shower was scalding, it was because I didn’t realize that the lower nozzle was turned to the hottest, most unbearable level.

2. Pedestrians dont have the right-of-way
No, I’m not kidding. Best of luck out there in the real world.

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