It is only natural that the fictional characters that we see on the page and on our screens influence the way that we view the world and those around us. Fictional relationships in particular can transcend the imagined world and become ideals for our own platonic or romantic relationships. For that reason, we have to be mindful of the relationships we try to emulate to ensure that we are choosing the healthy ones to admire. Here are 15 relationships that we should steer clear from when we become involved with someone:

1. Ted Mosby/Robin Scherbatsky (“How I Met Your Mother”)
Everyone talks about how Ted is just a “hopeless romantic” looking for the woman to be the mother of his children and his future wife, yet we rarely discuss his obsessively persistent nature in regards to Robin. It gets to the point where he compromises his happiness to pursue her even when she blatantly tells him that she does not love him. Another glaring issue in their relationship comes from their “40 Rule”, which says that if they are 40-years-old and still are unmarried, they will get together, which keeps the door open even when they are both aware — though on different levels — that it will not work.

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