My second to last week as a member of the CIEE London Open Campus program was spent continuing to discover the city before it all ends and I return to the U.S. During my 17th week abroad, we visited some new food places that we discovered online and had wanted to try for a while.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

On Tuesday, we went to a bubble waffle and bubble tea stand outside of Green Park, called Nosteagia. There, we tried the bubble waffles, which were decorated with different toppings as if they were ice cream cones. I got the Mr. Oreo, which has Nutella, chocolate chip cookies, cream and chocolate sauce, with M&Ms added on top. Likewise, Erin tried the Cookie Monster one, which was essentially identical, just without M&Ms. It was certainly a dangerous place to go because another food truck across the way had fish and chips, so you could stay there all day eating the food if you so desired.


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