As we get closer to our program’s end date, it is safe to say that we are running out of steam. We have seen the majority of the important monuments, visited historical landmarks and I have continued to try and get through my 100-pack of Earl Gray. During our 16th week in London, there are a few highlights to share, as we mostly relaxed and enjoyed the more simple aspects of the city.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

On Wednesday, my Gender, Race, Sexuality and Popular Culture class went to Brixton to visit the Black Cultural Archives. To get there, we hopped on the Victoria line southbound and took it to the end. From the Brixton tube station, we then only had to walk for less than five minutes to get to the archives. Inside the actual museum is the culture of black music in Britain, and in addition to discussing where the music originated, there are also spots on the wall where you can tap your individual audio headphones and hear the music of a particular era. My favorite era was the 1940s, when jazz was prevalent. I found myself returning to that area of the archives multiple times to listen to the catchy jazz that they offered.


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