Clocking in at just under two hours, Lone Scherfig’s 2017 film, “Their Finest” epitomizes war: it starts off with what seems like a clear purpose and steadily declines until everyone involved is left wondering whose idea it was to start that mess in the first place.

Perhaps I am being too harsh. The individual performances of the principle actors in the film were excellent. Sam Claflin (Tom Buckley), Gemma Arterton (Catrin Cole) and Bill Nighy (Ambrose Hilliard) lit up each scene through their characters’ complementary personalities. Where Claflin’s portrayal of Buckley offered a biting cynicism of the point of war, Arterton brought a gentle, yet dynamic optimism that despite declining morale as Nazi Germany pressed down on their resilient island, anyone could have their own little piece in making the war run smoother for Britons. Likewise, seasoned veteran Nighy was perhaps a personal favorite, offering quick-witted remarks and the occasional nuance of facial expression that had the audience in stitches.

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