“What music do you like to listen to?”
“I like One Direction’s music.”
“Are you another one of those crazy girls who wants to sleep with them?”

I’ve heard it once. I’ve heard it twice. If I had a dollar for every time that I heard it, I would be able to bring One Direction back together for a day so that they could perform at a private venue just for me. “All girls who love One Direction are only interested in them for their looks, and all have the end goal of sleeping with the band members.” You think I’m kidding? Just Google search “One Direction fans” and you will likely get results that talk about how all of their fans are obsessed to unhealthy degrees with them and are devastated when one of them gets a new girlfriend. More than that, though, is the way that the band members are presented not only by the tabloids, but also by their own team, as handpicking girls left and right. Considering that the demographic of the One Direction fandom is largely female — though, ages can range from teens to adult women with families despite what the tabloids will insist — the generalized portrayal of how these girls and young women feel toward the band is not only demoralizing to fans who may be encouraged to listen to the band’s music in more recent years, but is also rooted deeply in misogyny, not to mention a deeper, and less discussed, layer of heterosexism.

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