My third block in London is flying by and in a few short weeks, I will be packing up again and returning to the United States to my hometown in New Jersey. The past few weeks were a flurry of activity, between traveling to Rome for our spring break and then starting new classes, so here is a brief recap from weeks 12 and 13, as well as what I did during my 14th week in London.

Week 12

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Before my second block ended, my Intercultural Communication and Leadership class attended the play, “Chinglish” in Finsbury Park. The play discusses miscommunication and how it can occur when people either do not speak the same language or do not understand another person’s culture. The play was fast-paced and required close attention since much of it was spoken in Chinese, and we were reading the on-screen translations. Despite the constant effort to keep up with the translation, as well as acknowledging the quick wit, I walked away having enjoyed the play. I realized how English-speaking cultures often take for granted that other cultures speak English, and we simply expect that they will find a way to communicate with us so that we do not have to stretch our own capabilities to communicate with them.


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