It seems impossible to go a day now without reading the word “diversity” in a headline and when we do, there is typically a negative perspective that succeeds it. The media frenzy and internet buzz surrounding Marvel Comic’s statement that suggested their declining sales is a result of increased diversity in their characters is no exception.

According to The New York Times, when asked about the readership of the company’s comic series, David Gabriel, the company’s vice president for sales, said, “What we heard was that people didn’t want any more diversity.” Despite Gabriel’s statement being interpreted as negative, I do not believe that his intention was to reject the recent addition of diverse superheroes and I do not believe that the inclusion of non-white heroes is problematic. We need more characters with different experiences and appearances to reflect our current global climate, and even if Gabriel’s statement is true, it reflects more poorly on our society than it does Marvel, unless they choose to adhere to public opinion.

Read full article on The Fairfield Mirror.
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