As the weather continues to warm up in London, everyone is making a beeline for the door so that they can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Believe it or not, the weather is beautiful here – I definitely did not expect that when preparing for the semester – and every day on my way to class, I always see people in squares or parks, lounging on benches or laid out on blankets. While London has quite a few outdoor options if you are looking to get some sun or find a nice place to do your work, the following are my personal favorites.

1. Russell Square – I cross through Russell Square every day to get to my classes and as the weather started to warm up, I started seeing less people huddled in the local cafés, instead opting to eating their lunch outside on the benches. The square is currently in bloom and there are plenty of places to spread out with friends or on your own if you are done with classes for the day, but have no desire to return to your accommodation. Personally, I have spent time on the benches reading and drinking hot chocolate, which is the perfect combination on a mild, spring day.

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