When controversy calls, the internet is quick to answer. The latest controversy in question is Pepsi’s ad that was posted the evening of April 4 and features Kendall Jenner. Jenner is a familiar name, associated with the Kardashian family, and her presence in the ad has come under scrutiny. In the ad, Jenner joins a group of marchers who, according to BBC News, are part of a “heavily policed demonstration.” Jenner then hands a can of Pepsi to a somber police officer, and after he takes a sip, cheers begin to erupt. The new ad, regardless of its intent to “unify” people, is ignorant of the severity of our country’s current racial and socio-political contexts. Its allusion to demonstrations, such as the Black Lives Matter Movement, severely underplays the long-lasting struggle behind the movement. Additionally, by making Jenner, a white woman, the leader of the group and the one capable of “bridging the divide,” Pepsi misses the mark in terms of showing whose struggle racial inequality belongs to.

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