When anyone starts to plan ahead for the six months that he or she will be studying abroad in a foreign country, a lot of thoughts can go through his or her head: will I adjust to a new culture? How will I cook food for myself every night? Did I really sign up to have class at 4 p.m. on a Friday? However, one important thought that we oftentimes underestimate is how important packing is in preparation for our time abroad. Here are some tips that will not only prepare you for your time in your new country, but also ones that will make your life easier when your program finishes.

1. Pack for the weather – I can only speak from experience, so if you’re going somewhere like London, make sure you have the appropriate gear for rain. That being said, you can get around rain gear if you pack smartly. Rather than filling your suitcase with rain boots and an umbrella like I did, bring a good pair of waterproof sneakers. I have not worn my rain boots once, opting for my sneakers instead and the only time I have an issue is if I am not paying attention and step in a puddle. Also, if you are going to bring a raincoat, make sure that it is warm enough. You will not want to pack too many coats or you will be facing a hefty charge at the airport in a couple of months when your luggage is overweight.

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