As the second block of my semester abroad began winding to a close, it was nice to experience some familiarity, especially since it is getting to the stage when you feel like you are forgetting what everyone from back home looks like. Therefore, during my 11th week abroad, it was great to see some familiar faces from Fairfield, as well as travel to visit the Harry Potter studio tour!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Our friend Michaela was still in the city, so we ended up getting together Tuesday night with her and her friends and met at O’Neill’s in China Town. We had not visited China Town up until that point and it was incredibly cool to see all the lanterns lit up late at night. The area was alive with activity, as much of London is at night, and people were pouring in and out of pubs from seemingly every angle. Once inside, the atmosphere was just as enthusiastic, and it was refreshing to hear modern music playing both from the band and the sound speakers once the band finished for the night.

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