During my eighth week in London, I not only explored the city further, but I also visited my family in Sevenoaks, Kent and took a day trip with CIEE to Oxford. Here is a recount of my recent travels.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

On Saturday, Erin and I went to Hyde Park. Our intention when going to the park was to see Kensington Palace, but when we arrived we learned that it would take 40 minutes alone to get a ticket and then we would still have to wait on line to get into the tour. Since the weather was fairly dreary, we decided to forego that and leave it for another day. Instead, we improvised and chose to walk through Kensington Gardens, admiring the gradually blooming foliage and the different types of birds wandering through the bushes.636246817345478965-2009909187_IMG_9900

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