Ed Sheeran’s third studio album “÷” (pronounced “divide”) was released on March 3 after a brief hiatus by the singer-songwriter. Sheeran took 2016 off and left social media temporarily to stop “seeing the world through a screen.” However, 2017 was decidedly off to a great start when he began dropping preview tracks from his latest endeavor. Here is my track-by-track review of “÷”.

1. “Eraser”

A significant departure from Sheeran’s well-known ballads; the opening track of the album is an absolute jam. However, if you want the better version of the track, listen to the live, extended F64 version that he released three days prior to the album’s release. The acoustic version is much more powerful and raw, and actually has different lyrics and allows the listener to hear them without being distracted by the background instrumental. More so, the lyrics in the extended version tell the story of his foray into the music industry, as well as the trials and tribulations that subsequently followed. My favorite lyrics from the extended track are: “I woke up this morning lookin’ in the mirror/Thinkin’ to myself that I should probably be thinner/The industry told me to look like them/But I found my happiness in fried food for my dinner.”

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4 thoughts on “Track-By-Track Review Of ‘Divide’

    • Thank you! Also, hard to say. In terms of critical reception, I think that ‘Shape of You’ will get the most radio play because it’s the kind of music that people like listening to across all genres. In terms of what deserves the most recognition, I’d say either ‘Perfect’ or ‘Supermarket Flowers.’

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