During my fifth week studying abroad in London, I spent a decent amount of time in transit, visiting different locations that I had heard about prior to my arrival to the city. Some of my adventures were for pleasure and others were for class. Here is a detailed description of my fifth week, which started in London and ended in Cambridge.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

On Wednesday, I started my day off by visiting Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station. As an avid Harry Potter fan, when I learned before I arrived in London that I would be staying in the King’s Cross-area, I knew that 9 3/4 would be one of my first stops in the city. When Erin and I got there, we wandered through the large station toward platform 9. One of the aspects of the station that amazed me was how much cleaner it was compared to train stations in the U.S. like Penn Station. The ceiling is a soft purple and is shaped like a dome, giving the entire station a surreal glow, especially when the sunlight from outside is beating down on the transparent part of it. Once we arrived at 9 3/4, we waited on line before it was finally our turn and we each got to use the props available. Naturally, I wore a Hufflepuff scarf to represent my Hogwarts House and I held Albus Dumbledore’s wand as I posed by the trolley that appeared to be halfway through the platform wall.


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