Now that I am two weeks into my study abroad experience in London, I can say two things for certain: it rains a lot and pedestrians are willing to put their lives on the line to cross the street amidst oncoming traffic. Nonetheless, I find myself slowly adapting to the changes of living in a city, something that I have never experienced before now. For the next 18 weeks that I spend in London, I plan to keep a record of my adventures, so without further ado, here is the first installment of “Ari’s Adventures Abroad”!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

In the airport – The day of departure finally arrived and my friend Erin and I were sitting in Newark Liberty International Airport waiting for our 9:20 p.m. boarding. It was my first time flying without my parents, so I was a bit uneasy, but having a friend there helped ease that nervousness. However, it didn’t help that an alarm went off on two different occasions at our terminal and no one seemed to be in any rush to address the issue. I also may have neglected to mention that my uneasiness came less than two days following the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting. As I sat there waiting for a reaction that never came, I felt like I was in a bizarre version of “What Would You Do?”

On the plane – After an hour delay, we were finally on the plane and learned that the cause of our delay was due to there not being enough meals prepared. I kid you not. I easily would have “sacrificed” a meal if it meant getting out of that airport. Then, as we continued to wait for departure, we learned that a plane was left on the runway behind us and all of the crew had left and had to return to move it. Again, I kid you not (the removal took another hour). After hearing the news, I turned to Erin and in my most serious voice said, “Will the owner of the large, white jet return to the runway? You’re double-parked.”

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