As we watch different television shows, we come across various couples that we like and others that we dislike on a fundamental level. The ones that we like are the ones that we hope to emulate — generally speaking — on an emotional level. These characters do not always survive the trials that they encounter, but even if their relationship falls apart, the journey that they undergo is remarkable in some way that it sticks out to us as impressive and worthy of admiration. Here are five TV couples that I believe we should all admire.

1. Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor (“Queer As Folk”)


By now, most of my friends know about my obsession with all things Brian and Justin — they’re adorable! Although the two have an on-again-off-again relationship throughout the series, each time that they separate and then reunite shows growth both individually and as a couple. At the beginning of the series, Brian is committed only to the idea that “marriage is for heteros” and Justin wants nothing more than for Brian to reciprocate his love. However, as they both continuously transform, by the end of the show’s run they realize that love isn’t changing who a person is fundamentally to satisfy another; sometimes love is letting the other person do what is best for them.

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