At a young age, we are warned that going on the internet will make us susceptible to targeted harassment and that we should avoid talking to strangers. As a response, we probably rolled our eyes and insisted to our parents that we would not talk to anyone that we did not know. Nonetheless, harassment does not necessarily come from strangers and it is not as rare as we perhaps once thought. According to a study entitled, “Online Harassment, Digital Abuse, and Cyberstalking in America,” conducted by the Data & Society Research Institute and Center for Innovative Public Health Research, 47 percent of Americans aged 15 and older have experienced some form of harassment online. As a result, we can only wonder if we are doing enough to prevent cyberbullying. Considering the aforementioned statistic, the only reasonable answer is: no, we are not doing enough. However, as of now, there appears to be little that we can do to eradicate the epidemic that is online hate speech.

Read full article on The Fairfield Mirror.


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