When we go to the store with a specific product in mind that we want to buy, we tend to peruse the aisles to see which brand will get the job done well without breaking the bank. We don’t think that our gender will determine our out-of-pocket expense. However, sometimes there is simply no way to avoid spending more money than necessary, especially if you are a female. The phenomenon that I am referencing is known as the “pink tax,” which refers to the upcharge of approximately 7 percent that women are charged for particular pharmaceutical products, in addition to numerous other types of products or services.

According to a recent article in TIME Magazine, Thompson Chemists, an independent Manhattan pharmacy, advertised early last week that there would be a 7 percent “man tax” on products, while women would shop tax-free. Although the intention of the store was to “raise awareness” about how much money women are required to spend on similar products that men buy for less, they went about doing it the wrong way. Rather than imposing what appeared to be a reverse tax, the pharmacy should be doing two things: encouraging the company’s whose products they sell to equalize the cost of their products and raising awareness by educating consumers.


Read full article on The Fairfield Mirror


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