One of the best aspects of our education at Fairfield is that we have our core curriculum that we need to complete in order to graduate. It is easy to get aggravated by the amount of core courses, especially if they have little to no relation to our majors. However, if we did not have a core requirement, then I would have missed out on taking a lot of great courses here at Fairfield. Here are five courses that you should take before you graduate.

1. Literature of the Holocaust – Professor Gail Ostrow

I took Literature of the Holocaust during the fall semester of my sophomore year and it is easily one of my favorite courses here at Fairfield. Professor Ostrow created an environment where students are comfortable sharing their views on the complex subject matter, while also asking questions for clarification. We read a variety of books and also watched several movies throughout the course, and I highly recommend the course in order to fulfill a 100-level literature requirement.

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