When we need a morale boost, music has the ability to provide our spirits with newfound energy. There are times when I’m feeling particularly stressed during the week and during those times, music gives me a temporary distraction that motivates me to finish my work. Here are seven powerful songs that inspire me and are worth listening to regularly.

1. “Home” by One Direction


And it’s alright / Calling out for somebody to hold tonight / When you’re lost, I’ll find the way / I’ll be your light / You’ll never feel like you’re alone / I’ll make this feel like home.

There are few songs that are unapologetically supportive without coming off as contrived or insincere. However, “Home” is one of my favorite songs because of its genuine message that reassures the listener that it’s OK to look for support when you need it. It is also a great song because it hints that the person you may think should be the one to support you isn’t necessarily the right person; even if you don’t immediately realize it.

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