When you are an upperclassman at Fairfield, you have the opportunity to live in an apartment and honestly; it is an opportunity that all universities should provide. The apartments at Fairfield can house four, six or eight people, which is certainly an adjustment from living with one or two people for the first half of your college experience. However, for some people, it is more of an adjustment than others. Here are the five things that I have learned so far about living in an apartment.

1. It is important to use your room.


Clothes, books and random items have a tendency to blend together when you live in an apartment with — in my case — five other people, so you should try and keep your items organized in your room. However, there will be times when you want to work in the common area. When those times arise, keep in mind that other people might need to move your belongings and that if you are finished with something, it is considerate to put them away so that everything does not feel cluttered.

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