When I walked onto Fairfield’s campus as a student for the first time in Fall of 2014, I had never heard of the social media application known as Yik Yak that was steadily growing more popular on college campuses. Yik Yak, founded in 2013, is an app that allows people within a 5-mile radius to create conversation threads and post whatever they want. Besides becoming a large feature of college campuses around the nation, the app also went international. Since its creation, the app has undergone various changes, such as becoming available online in January of 2016 and eventually, eliminating anonymity in August of 2016. Since then, Yik Yak has drastically dropped in popularity and is no longer part of the top 50 most downloaded social networking apps in Apple’s App Store, according to Tech Insider. However, despite my occasional amusement from Yik Yak, I cannot say that I am disappointed in its apparent decline. The app was and continues to be utilized by college-aged students for the wrong reasons. Instead of being a way for people on college campuses to spread word about special events and make lighthearted jokes, it tends to be crude and oftentimes is used to attack certain groups of people.

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