Gone are the days that someone can post on social media that he or she will perform a violent act and everyone can feign unawareness. The chances that no one saw your online activity is diminishing every day as key words filter out the mundane posts and highlight the topics that we are searching for when we aimlessly scroll through our phones. The overabundance of hashtags help as well. Given our country’s continued political discourse, every threat must be taken seriously, especially the ones that are made online since they can be viewed from almost every side of the world and are easily prevented. However, the problem continues to be that many of these threats—even the ones that threaten someone’s life—are laughed off because of our own disbelieving amusement. Many people also have a tendency to glorify those who are “dramatic” and others “uncomfortably avoid” anyone who may exhibit the telltale signs of a mental illness.

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