As a third year student at Fairfield, I have experienced my fair share of move-in days to understand that emotions tend to be all over the place. Of course, I am always excited to see friends again that I haven’t seen for months, but there is also a degree of trepidation for the upcoming year and sadness at saying goodbye to my parents and home friends again. I have come to realize that for some people, no matter how many times they leave for school, saying goodbye to their loved ones will be difficult. Here are some of my suggestions for how to cope with being homesick.

1. Talk to your friends – I know for me, surrounding myself with friends and the people that I’m close to helps to ease some of the sadness that I feel when I miss home. Constantly being around people can be tricky though if you move in early like I do each year. What I have found to work is if you spend the day with the people that you know on campus and then FaceTime with friends who aren’t there yet at night, you hardly think about what’s making you sad and it’s an easy way to keep your excitement from turning into loneliness.

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