During a recent trip to Aruba, I was stunned by how many of you—who spent the money to go somewhere with a stunning view—were willing to cloud that view with your own smoke screen. While smoking is your prerogative, you should consider a few things before you decide to unleash your pungent habit on the rest of us who came to enjoy the fresh air and the Caribbean trade winds.


Fun fact: just because you can smoke, it doesn’t mean that you have to smoke. While it’s one thing to go down to the Jersey shore and dodge the inevitable smokers, no one wants to pay a significant amount of money for a Caribbean vacation only to feel trapped on a windy day by the unbearable odor. Still, many of you will argue that it is an open space and therefore, you are legally within your right to smoke. You’re correct. However, I’m less concerned with the legality of your actions than I am with the morality of them. Consider a novel concept: you’re not the only person on the beach. You’re under the same false impression that we all want to inhale your secondhand smoke as those who blast their music in public spaces are under the false impression that we all share an interest in their musical choices. Although your decision to smoke has greater ramifications, both scenarios come back to your simple lack of common courtesy.

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