We live in an environment where everything we want to say, watch or read is one click away. However, as social media develops and evolves, we seem to be regressing. It is now less about starting conversations and engaging in dialogues, and more about who has created the most relevant hashtag that compliments the photo that is meant to make others envious. Don’t get me wrong — I am a social media enthusiast under most circumstances, but I am not always certain that we are using the platforms available to us to the best of our abilities. Written below is how I have grown on my social media and how I would currently rate my use of each platform out of 10.

1. Facebook

I joined Facebook in 2010, right before I started high school and just as the Icy Tower craze was dying down, much like Farmville before it. At first, it was like Pandora’s Box was opened — my self-restraint being the only thing left when I hastily closed the box. I liked countless pages and posted embarrassing photos that I eventually vowed to never let see the light of the screen again. I now use Facebook probably the least of all my social media. Facebook is like the toy that you played with frequently as a child. You hardly glance at it now, but it reminds you of simpler times, such as when your Facebook friends wrote about all of their feelings (fun fact: some people never left that phase). Today, I use it as a tool to post my written works and to link the occasional Instagram photo.

Rating: 7/10

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