Articles celebrating Alan Rickman’s life have been circulating the Internet since his recent passing, as well as tributes paid by both his colleagues and admirers for his legacy as an actor. Our generation greatly remembers him as the man who brought Severus Snape, the sadistic Potions professor in the “Harry Potter” series, to life on the big screen. I saw Rickman on Broadway several years ago, when he starred in the play “Seminar” and he deserves every accolade and tribute that has been given to him. However, I have also seen many tributes to Snape and that reminds me that people often glorify characters that should not be respected.

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One thought on “Why We Shouldn’t Mourn Professor Snape

  1. Yeah, Snape was a meany, there’s no justification for that. He’s like a lot of mean teachers in fiction and in real life. It makes sense that bad things happened to these characters to make them the way they are, but that doesn’t make it acceptable. You can understand them better, but you can’t like them really.
    I liked Alan Rickman in Die Hard 🙂


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