What ever happened to predictability? Well, as far as I’m concerned, “Fuller House” was as predictable as it could have possibly been when returning to us on Feb. 26. Unlike many people, I consider that predictability to be a good thing. I’ve heard mixed reviews since “Fuller House” returned to Netflix, but as someone who was a diehard fan of the original version, I think the revival was worth the wait.

People have said that there was too much over-acting and that the references to the original show were overdone after a while. However, I found it charming. From the beginning when “Full House” aired in the late 80’s, every one-liner that each character reiterated for eight seasons was never anything but corny. That’s what made the revival so fun — they brought back the silly charm that originally captured the viewer’s heart. While these lines are dated and they tried to mix them in with modern catchphrases that are cringe-worthy at best, I consider it funny how after all these years, the writers are still able to replicate the humor and even poke fun at what they wrote nearly 30 years ago.

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