We live in a culture where various opinions can be dispensed freely in different forms, whether verbally or online, and many of us consider our freedom of speech to be a God-given liberty. However, we also live in a time when political correctness is a point of contention amongst different ends of the political spectrum, some arguing that correctness enables a healthy dialogue, whereas others believe that it hinders our ability to express ourselves freely and honestly. I have always possessed the school-of-thought that if a person is educated, then they do not need to insult, demean or dehumanize other people in order to prove their point. One of the issues that our political climate has is that the moment someone has a different opinion than our own that person is labeled as “wrong.” I know a lot of people who arguably have “wrong” opinions, but from an intellectual point-of-view, saying so would be illogical. An opinion is by definition, a view or judgment formed about something that is not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. Therefore, an opinion cannot be considered wrong — you merely do not agree with that particular view that is expressed. The reason that I mention people labeling opinions as “wrong” is because this year I have encountered many people saying that their opinions should not be restricted and that “safe spaces” infringe upon that right.

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