As some of you may recall, this past August I wrote about why I think American Sign Language (ASL) should be taught everywhere. When I wrote the piece, it had been right after one of my mother’s former students — from her time as a teacher of the deaf — visited with his three children, all of whom are also deaf. Although the visit made me realize how beneficial knowing ASL is for communication, it was only recently that I took it upon myself to get a better grasp on the language.

I recently started watching the television show “Switched at Birth,” and that is admittedly where my rekindled desire to learn ASL came from. The show features several characters who are deaf, two of which are main characters, and watching both the deaf and hearing characters learn to communicate with each other through signing reaffirmed my belief that we should all learn ASL. However, I also realized that the only way I could expect that of others is if I began learning it myself.

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