Every time I unlock my phone and log on to Twitter or check the alerts that I get from various news outlets, there seems to be yet another tragedy happening in the world. While some may view me as lacking sensitivity by saying that I have grown weary of seeing or hearing about another act of violence, I do not think that they fully understand my weariness. I want an end to violence, like most people in the world, and I do want to be aware when violence is happening in any region of the world. However, I am tired of how we only discuss certain events and how we show our support, but only a few weeks later, or sometimes even a few days, we seem to forget and move on. Our attention span has significantly decreased in terms of our duration of focus on these atrocities and by acknowledging them and then subsequently forgetting about them until the next one occurs, we are perpetuating the cycle that does not appear to be ending in the near future.

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