North Carolina’s House Bill 2 law has provided a sense of déjà vu that I had hoped we evolved from.

It seems like only yesterday that I was writing about Houston voters repealing Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance, known as Proposition 1, on Nov. 3, which protected the rights of several groups, most prominently the LGBTQ community. Now, if we fast-forward several months, my sense of déjà vu will become clearer. North Carolina’s governor Pat McCrory signed HB2 into effect on March 23, which enables cities to prevent transgender individuals from using bathrooms that are assigned to the gender that they identify. McCrory’s action sparked outrage from notable companies, such as PayPal, who pulled 400 jobs from North Carolina, according to CNN Money. Most notably; however, was the statement released by renowned musician Bruce Springsteen, who this past Friday canceled his April 10 show in Greensboro, North Carolina as an act of solidarity with the LGBTQ community. I believe that Springsteen’s decision to cancel his show indicates his strong moral principles and I would like to see more people in positions of power take a stand against the discriminatory law.

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