If you are a woman, you can probably recall some point in your life, whether in a classroom or work setting, when you have raised your hand or asked a question to a superior and prefaced the question with “Sorry, but …”

As women, we are taught to believe that when it comes to expressing our views and asking questions, we are in the wrong and we should in some way feel at fault for wasting the time of others. It is absolutely astounding to me that while women are made to feel guilty for simply existing and asking questions in an environment that is built to provide answers, men have a natural propensity for expounding information, even when the information is irrelevant or unrelated to the particular topic. I think that the reason the problems exists that creates a divide between the way that men and women speak is because of the societal expectation that men are assertive and to the point, whereas women are taught to behave meekly and timidly so as not to step on any toes.

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