One of the questions that I was asked before I entered college was about how I felt now that I would have to share a room with someone. I am an only child, so many people were under the impression that it would be a difficult transition for me to learn how to live in a confined space with another person. More so, as I entered my first year at Fairfield, I learned that I would be in a triple, so I would be living with not one, but two strangers. Living with a roommate never greatly concerned me about college because I knew that the easiest ways we would be able to get along was if we established certain rules to ensure that no boundaries were crossed, respected each other’s boundaries and spoke to one another if something bothered us.

It is important to establish a sense of respect with your roommate and the best way to do that is by creating an open dialogue with one another. When my roommates and I first found out that we would be living together, we created a Facebook group message so that we could have a preliminary conversation about who was bringing what necessities to the room. Additionally, once we got to school we spent more time getting to know each other and understanding what aspects of college-life we felt comfortable or uncomfortable about so that we did not step on each other’s toes. At first, the process seemed unnatural, but in hindsight, we made the right decision. You cannot expect your roommate to read your mind. If you do not make it clear to your roommate that something, such as alcohol or people spending the night in the room, makes you uneasy, then you cannot be surprised if your roommate does either and thinks that you are OK with it.

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