The 2016 presidential debates have become the stomping ground for malicious verbal attacks and hateful criticism. Instead of solely tuning in to see what each candidate hopes to bring to our country in the coming years, more and more people have been watching to see what the next bombastic comment will be. Most recently, current New Jersey governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie made a personal address to President Barack Obama at the most recent Republican Debate on Jan. 14. Christie said that in the fall, the president was going to have his “rear end” kicked out of the White House. In a likewise fashion, everyone from Rosie O’Donnell to rival Republican candidate Ben Carson has been designated a “loser” by presidential candidate Donald Trump. Many people laugh off comments similar to Christie’s and Trump’s that are made by the candidates. However, doing so suggests that the way the candidates speak to each other is acceptable when it is not. This acceptance of bad behavior sends the wrong message to young children and teenagers who may have heard these remarks during debates or once they went viral online.

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