When Sarah Palin attended Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rally in Oklahoma on Jan. 20, she not only exhibited her support for Trump, Palin also discussed the arrest that same week of her son Track, who was arrested in a domestic violence case. Palin noted that Track, who served in Iraq, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and that our current president has put in place policies that have perpetuated his condition. Palin also seemed to suggest that the issue of domestic violence was a “ramification of PTSD.” I have never suffered or known someone who has suffered from PTSD, so I cannot claim to know its effects on people. Nonetheless, explaining domestic violence away by saying that the blame should be placed on the disease rather than the person will only intensify the likelihood of repeated acts of violence that are now considered justifiable by the perpetrator. Instead, we must change the way that we view people who suffer from a mental illness.

Read full article on The Fairfield Mirror


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