The International Olympic Committee (IOC) held a meeting in November 2015 to reassess guidelines determining the eligibility of athletes to compete in competitions. The new guidelines were implemented to prevent discrimination against athletes transitioning from one gender to another. When I learned of this recent development, I was surprised given the IOC’s controversial history with discrimination — particularly being accused of concealing Germany’s anti-Semitism in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The IOC has previously required “sex-testing,” a practice that was discontinued in 2000, according to Sheila L. Cavanagh and Heather Sykes’ paper, “Transsexual Bodies at the Olympics: The International Olympic Committee’s Policy on Transsexual Athletes at the 2004 Athens Summer Games.” This is a crucial decision for a community of people who otherwise would face greater opposition when trying to compete in the sports category under the gender with which they identify.

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