An undetermined amount of students in a Colorado high school were implicated in the exchanging of nude photographs. The latest scandal has resulted in a police felony investigation at Cañon City High School. The act of exchanging and sharing nude photographs — or sexting — is a significant problem on many high school campuses. Another recent case of sexting has resulted in the suspension of 20 Long Island students. The rise of social media has undoubtedly aided in students being able to save and share these photos in more secretive ways. The students at the Colorado high school were using a photo vault app that hides images. The development of technology and its impact on sexting raise the question — how can we teach adolescents to drop the “I can get away with anything” mentality? There must be personal accountability expected from the students who knowingly distributed and saved compromising photos of their peers. While many educators preach about the legal repercussions of sharing these photos, there needs to be stronger push to educate students on why these actions will not be tolerated, rather than immediately seeking legal action against these students.

Read full article on The Fairfield Mirror


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