I have written about various topics for Odyssey, but I have seldom touched upon feminism and the perception that many people have of the word that carries a negative connotation. There will be some people who scoff and refuse to read any further because they believe that I will be going on a rant about how I feel people should be equal, but disclaimer: It will not be a rant. I simply hope to provide some insight into a topic that many people ignore like the elephant in the room for the sake of everyone else’s comfort.

What prompted me to consider talking about feminism this week is a clip that I saw on Twitter of the ABC television show “Black-ish.” The show features a black American family and often discusses social issues that largely pertain to race and how race relations impact the lived experiences of black Americans. The clip that I saw featured a discussion about whether or not women should have to change their name once they are married. Dr. Rainbow “Bow” Johnson (Tracee Ellis Ross) argued with her husband Andre “Dre” Johnson Sr. (Anthony Anderson) that feminism is not about hating men, but rather is about allowing women “to have choices.”

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