We live in a time when all that we say and all that we do can no longer be considered private, especially once social media comes into play. Once something is put online, it is almost always impossible to retrieve it and even if it is accidental or unintentionally harmful, there are consequences. Dani Mathers, known as Playboy’s Playmate of 2015, posted a photo of a nude woman in the locker room on her Snapchat story on July 14. Her caption for the photo was “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either” and subsequently posted a photo of herself laughing. Mathers later removed the photo and apologized on her public Twitter that was since deleted, but the damage was done. Mathers cannot claim any innocence in her actions and there must be legal consequences so that people understand that it is not only morally unacceptable to body shame, but also that it is legally reprehensible to put someone in such a vulnerable position.

Read full article on The Fairfield Mirror


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